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~Our Programs~

Social, Societal, Psychological Intelligence Advocates Network “SSPIAN”

SSPIAN is a collaborative network of professional, engaged, passionate, educated, trained people and subject matter experts who see, understand, speak on and address the physical and virtual social and societal norms of today and are creating new and better ways of dealing with them through our research and development on social, societal and psychological/emotional intelligence and how it ties into our daily lives with the violence and emotional issues faced today. Each member brings a unique element to the network thus allowing us to better address the needs of those in need on broader levels.


Youthology is the focus on the lives of our youth, their challenges, needs, heartache and pains as we bring effective resources, services and support to help them make it through life and have someone/somewhere to go when in need of help. Every youth is a part of the Youthology initiative and can take advantage of what is being offered. Visit the page for more details.

Single Parents Networking and Development Support Groups “SPNDSG”

Provides an open/relaxed atmosphere of networking, personal and professional development for single parents to address/deal with their challenges, get support, find resources, learn of ways to cope/handle the growing pressures of raising their children, have someone/others to talk with who share their challenges, get professional advice/counseling, offload the pressures and just breathe. All are invited.


Here we focus on addressing the issues parents deal with and providing support, services and resources to help them. In Parentology, we have experts and subject matter experts who can work with parents to understand, resolve and make life better for their families and children. Be sure to check visit the Parentology section for more details.