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~ Our Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Public Listening Sessions ~

~How Are You?~

The Scudder Intervention Services Foundation Inc, “SISFI’, The Suicide Institute and the Suicide Council invites the public to join in our “How Are You? We Are Listening Emotional Wellness Sessions” weekdays 11am-1pm EST on our Microsoft Teams virtual platform to meet the needs of those needing Love, support, companionships, resources and hope during these unprecedented and challenging times of existential threats to our ways of life, planet and future. First Mondays will be joint session with NYC Suicide Council monthly meetings to brief on findings, strategies, resources and solutions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended our lives and communities in every way imaginable and unimaginable. Most of us have never experienced such an existential threat that took away the very things we thought were comforting, valuable, worthwhile, meaningful and usually taken for granted. Our lives literally shutdown, changed and were forced to adapt and adjust without choice or understanding. Many of us had/have no outlet, no one to talk with honestly about the emotions and pains we are feeling from all that we are facing, nowhere “safe” to go where allows us the opportunity to speak honestly and not be judged, labeled, ostracized or threatened to be hospitalized or institutionalized because the depths of our pain sounds like a threat to ourselves and others. So many are taking on the weight and pains of others and can’t even make time for themselves as they feel the tightness in their chest and can’t do anything about that. So many have lost loved ones to a pandemic they didn’t create nor had any say in how it affected their lives but here they are now facing the grief of loss and struggling with it. So many have lost income and economic sustenance to care for their children and families effectively and added psychological impacts aren’t making things any easier.

With over 400% increase in mental health cases since Covid-19 pandemic, we are hearing the cries, seeing the pain and understand the unfathomable suffering many are experiencing as their lives have been upended. These sessions help us manage increasing numbers more meaningfully and effectively with our services and support networks at SISFI. There is so much more we have heard and have been supporting people with who have called upon us to listen, share and support their pain, suffering and needs that we are hosting these public sessions out of dire need to meet more people where they are and give them a safe place to share, seek help and be heard. Your emotions matter, and we truly understand the vastness of impacts across one’s life. So, as we bring our network of peers, advocates, practitioners, educations, healthcare workers, clergy leaders, elected officials, law enforcement and business together to rise to healing pain and suffering, we hope that you will find this effort hopeful, helpful and meaningful in alleviating some of the weight off your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. Together, we rise to healing pain. Please share with your networks and invite them to join in. You never know who is hurting, struggling, suffering and dying that can benefit from this effort.

Click here to join sessions online or via phone 929.229.2884,,836751823# (number formatted for mobile one click). If dialing manually the meeting ID is 836751823#. If you have problems accessing the sessions please emails us at Ask@sisfi.org or call our office at 917.651.1889 so we can offer technical assistance.

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Thank you very much and have a great day one breath at a time and embrace and enjoy it. We apprecilove your patronage and look forward to serving you with more quality humane, health, psychological and emotional programs, services and resources. One Love

~Brett A. Scudder

President and CEO