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SISFI is a grassroots non-profit that is not funded by any entity, agency or investor. The org is maintained by the work of our president and chairman as he continues to build on the dire needs of the society and helping those coming in for services and resources to address their social, societal, human and technological needs from abuse, bullying, domestic/gun/workplace violence, suicide, homelessness, social and mental health services.

We are in dire need of financial help to cover operational costs of our centers and the free programs and services we offer. We need tools and equipment to perform the work, funds to cover transportation needs and technology resources to deliver the proper services and support effectively in communities across the country. We have a fiscal conduit that is a 501c3 tax-exempt org to help secure government and federal funding and until then we have to still fend for ourselves.

Our Abuse and Suicide First Aid Response and Wellness Centers “ASFARWC” provide free human and mental health services, programs and support for victims and those suffering in silence from many of today’s hardships and struggles in their homes. More people are seeing and knowing about our centers and asking for counseling, help and resources for themselves and their family. There are no limitations or exemptions to those helped through our centers.

Our Abuse Behavioral Investigation Team “ABIT” investigates the sociological, psychological, human and socioeconomic reasons why people abuse, are abused, how they do it and why they feel the need to hurt others and themselves. From our findings we will be able to provide social, societal and human intelligence reports, awareness and findings on helping to address the overall issues thus reducing the numbers, levels, types and impacts of abuse and suicide.

Our Abuse and Suicide Crisis Response, Intervention and Prevention Hotline answers the calls of distress, early warnings, guidance, counsel and comfort to those in need 24/7/365. You are NOT/NEVER ALONE unless you want to be as we are here for you.

We offer weekly Depression, Grief and Suicide Support Groups for people struggling with emotional distress, loss or suicide attempts. The groups are free.

Our International Radio Shows provide real world dialog on the solutions to today and tomorrow’s social and mental health issues. We provide interviews, panel discussions and information on how to address today’s personal, professional and life challenges for all. Even if you can’t come to our workshops and programs, our radio shows extend the availability of them. 15 countries across the world are tuned in and listen to our shows and that’s a great audience we are proud of as they too are faced with similar social and mental health issues. The infrastructure is a monthly cost to be able to do this. We do not charge or make money off the shows but are in need of sponsors and donations to maintain the monthly service costs to keep them going.

So as you can see, our work is very extensive and needed in addressing the human services and mental health challenges and needs of our society today and your donations will help us continue doing these works. Every little counts towards our efforts to continue offering the services and support we do and so we ask your help with donations and contributions towards the continuity of our work and keeping our doors open. You can donate via the link below or mail it to us at,


3349 Hull Avenue, Apt. AA

Bronx, NY, 10467

Thank you and God bless.

Much Love Always. One Love.