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~ Walk-In Centers and In-Home Support and Services 24/7s ~

Abuse and Suicide Crisis Intervention and Prevention 24/7/365 Hotline Lifeline@sisfi.org

~ Mental Health and Psychological First Aid ~ Suicide First Aid ~ Trauma First Aid ~ Emotional Wellness ~ Anger Management ~ Crisis Management ~

~ Conflict Resolution ~ Counseling  ~ Therapy ~ Mentoring ~ Intervention and Prevention ~Awareness ~ Legal Services ~ Life Coaching ~ Workshops ~ Presentations ~

~ Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response ~

Our goal is to be as proactive as we can in addressing the needs of those suffering in silence where they are so as to avoid the loss of life or hurt/pain from abuse, bullying, domestic violence homelessness, and/or an attempt of suicide. Our centers offer private, confidential and anonymous help, support, resources and programs for everyone.  We provide services in-homes and onsite so as to make the experience comfortable, private and secure depending on the circumstances when needed and deemed necessary. You can be sure to receive the best and most private services in your times of need from professionals trained to respond and react in the acts of abuse, bullying, domestic violence and suicide first aid.

Mobile Emergency Room and Mental/Behavioral Health and Emotional Wellness Services and Support

for Abuse, Bullying, Domestic Violence, Homeless and Suicide Victims/Survivors

~Abuse and Suicide First Aid Response and Wellness Centers “ASFARWC”~