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The Scudder Intervention Services Foundation Inc, “SISFI’, The Suicide Institute and the Suicide Center invites all NYers to join in our “New York State “How Are You?” Spring Wellness Week March 21st-31st in recognizing the importance of rekindling these basic innate and intrinsic humane values and traits of emotional wellness and mental health. NY can’t be “tough,” if we are psychologically unwell and not taking care of our mental health and emotional wellness as a priority of our overall wellness. Join us. Let’s do this together. More details here.


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Let Unconditional Love be the light, guide, energy and source of our unprejudiced thoughts, empowering words and selfless deeds towards each other as we rise with and through humility, empathy and Love ~Brett A. Scudder



Our Wish List of Needs To Help Those In Need

We are always in need of supplies, resources, and tools to help people and work with. Resources and supplies helps alleviate some of the challenges and burdens people face with life. Our wish list is updated as needed. Please contact us if you can assist.

  • Winter clothes for children and adults
  • Winter boots
  • Non-Perishable foods

Mental Health Association

of New York City



In a Crisis?

Text NAMI to 741741

(212) 529-1959

SISFI and The Suicide Institute’s Facts and Stats

~ Since 2011 we are seeing more cases of young children from 4-10y/o with suicide ideations and attempts

~ Significant increase in cases of alcohol and opioid use in people struggling with depression, hopelessness, loneliness, life, trauma

~ Social Media and mobile devices increasing mental health challenges, brokenness, depression, anxiety and broken relationships

~ Over 85% of depression, addiction and suicide cases we had in 2016-2018 were from people with broken hearts from intimate relationships and family drama

~ Over 80% of cases of depression and substance abuse were from hard working people trying to maintain their status quo and lifestyle

~ In 2018 we saw 70% increase in depression from people working in unhealthy, bullying, stressful, toxic and abusive environments

~ In 2018 we had 75% increase of people who felt retraumatized/revictimized by service/healthcare  providers when they were seeking help and support for mental health and life challenges

Depression and Suicide are not prejudice nor discriminates on age, gender, sexuality, religion, social status or outward appearances. Don’t be focused on looking for obvious physical signs of distress or  expecting to hear the words “help me”

or “I need help” from people in crisis and distress. Some people are afraid of being judged, labeled as crazy, medicated and rejected by society if they say they are depressed and thinking about killing themselves. People are good at masking their pain and distress by using subliminal messages and statements to express their hurt, pain and suffering. However, be concerned if someone you know:

SISFI and The Suicide Institute’s

Warning Signs of Depression and Suicide Ideation

Some Subliminal Messages

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