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~National Non-Profits & Advocates Apprecilove Tribute Week~

Good day to you,

Over the years I have had the honor and utmost privileged opportunities to work with many great people and organizations who have been stalwarts in doing the grassroots work needed in our communities for them to sustain peace, unity, safety, security, standards of living, strength and family morals and ethics for their people. These people and organizations have sacrificed so much of their own personal time, family time, personal resources, personal finances and strength, to go above and beyond the call of service and duty to their communities. Some were thrown into the struggles of advocacy by means of being victims of abuse, loss of a family member, loved one, child or just misfortune.

While many would never know of these sacrifices because they are not big name people or organizations, the people in the communities that have been touched and blessed by their unrelenting commitment and services know who they are and the significance of their work and purpose. They are not asking for anything in return, neither are they trying to make names for themselves, they are responding to a higher calling to stand up, speak out and be an active and engaged member of their community helping to sustain and develop it better.

I have worked with many who couldn’t afford to keep the lights on, the doors open, food on their families table but were helping others to keep their lights on, put food on their table, send their children to school, cover medical expenses, fuel their cars and answer the calls of distress at all hours of the night and day. One can never be paid enough to do this kind of work because it’s all about love from the heart and they looked past the financial benefits and gains and saw within their hearts the humanitarian efforts that were needed and rose to the challenge. They didn’t wait for government or traditional funding resources, some found employment, did fundraising and whatever was needed to raise the funds needed to do what they could to continue helping those in need.

These are the levels of commitment and dedication that has kept the core foundations of our communities in tact when resources were being given to organizations that were not doing the work, providing the needed resources they said they would effectively, nor were as active and engaged as they should have been but these advocates and non-profits stepped in and took on the challenges.

It is for this reason that we are hosting this very special week of dedication and tribute to those levels of commitment, sacrifices and services to our communities that allows families to overcome challenges that seem so despair and to keep the core foundations of our society stable. Let us all join hands, hearts and minds in this effort of unity, thanks and salute to the great advocates and non-profits serving our communities without end.

Each one honors one (or how many you chose) so we can build a resilient network of love, support and unity.

It is my esteemed honor to host the National Non-Profits and Advocates Apprecilove Week Tributes to say we love you and thank you for all that you do and may God continue to guide, bless and keep you to continue doing it.

Thank you very much and have a great day. We apprecilove your patronage and look forward to serving you more.

~Brett A. Scudder~

The NNPAAW 2012 Certificate and 2011 Magazine (click for full screen view)